How To Make A Jar Of Honey In Roblox Islands

Making a jar of honey is very useful since it is the main ingredient in a variety of useful items, like honey blocks.

How to make a Jar Of Honey

First harvest Honeycombs from the Bee hives. Each Bee Hive can hold up to 4 Honeycombs. Then process the Honeycombs in a Honey Press. You can only process one Honeycomb at a time, so the fastest way is to have more than one Honey Press.

Multiple Honey Presses processing Honeycombs into Honey Jars.
Try to have at least 4 Honey Presses for each Bee Hive on your island.

Items made with Jars Of Honey

Honey Block
Honey Toast
Candy Apple
Roasted Honey Carrot
Lemon Puff

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