How To Get Petals

Petals are the currency that the Florist uses. You get petals by completing the daily challenges that the Florists sets.

How To Find The Florist

To find out what the daily challenges are you need to go over to the Florist in the Hub. Hover your cursor over him and press “F” to talk to him. You will click on SHOW ME QUESTS. There will be 4 challenges where you can earn petals. If you don’t see the challenges, swipe your cursor over the blank area to reveal them. Once you complete the challenge, the button with the amount of petals you can earn will turn blue. Press that button to complete the challenge. New challenges appear 20 hours after you complete them and collect the petals.

Items available to buy with petals are:
Fertile Red Daffodil-35 Petals
Fertile Yellow Daffodil-35 Petals
Pottery Bench-180 Petals
To redeem the petals for the items you will click on VIEW SHOP when you talk to the Florist.

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