How To Get Wood

You will need wood to craft a lot of items from furniture to machinery.

How To Obtain Wood

You obtain wood by chopping down trees on your island. To chop down a tree, hold your axe and then place the cursor over the tree you wish to chop down.

When you chop down a tree using your axe, you get wood in your inventory per tree. If you want to get large amounts of wood, making a tree farm is ideal. Since the update, you also get Woodcutting XP in addition to the wood blocks. The higher level you are in XP, the easier tree cutting becomes (less hits needed) and the more wood you can earn per tree.

There are 5 types of wood:
Wood-Oak Sapling
Maple Wood- Maple Sapling
Pine Wood- Pine Sapling
Birch Wood- Birch Sapling
Hickory Wood- Hickory Sapling

Where to get trees-
You will need to go buy tree saplings from the Seed Merchant in the Hub.
Oak Sapling- 50 coins
Pine Sapling- 250 coins
Birch Sapling- 500 coins
Maple Sapling- 1,000 coins
Hickory Sapling- 2,000 coins

You will now have to earn XP to level up in Woodcutting to unlock access to purchasing certain trees.
Level 5- Pine Sapling
Level 10- Birch Sapling
Level 14- Maple Sapling
Level 24- Hickory Sapling

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