How To Get Crystallized Iron In Islands Roblox

Crystallized Iron is one of the most important items in Roblox Islands. It’s very useful for creating high ticket items that you can sell.

How to get Crystallized Iron

Crystallized Iron is obtained by mining Iron nodes. Iron nodes can be found on the merchant mainland or from Iron Totems. There is a 1.5% chance that you will receive “Cry Iron” after FULLY breaking the node.

Cry Iron Farming

Advanced players can create Iron Farms to speed up the process of mining iron and thereby increase their chances of collecting Cry Iron quickly.

The most popular farm was invented by DV. It is a row of T-Shapes with an Iron Totem placed on top. Easily breakable blocks (like sand or glass) are placed at each end of the T. Iron nodes will form on those blocks and when the blocks are broken the iron nodes will be mined also. This drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to mine a single iron node.

An example of DV's Iron Farm.

Items made with Crystallized Iron

Basic Sprinkler
Iron War Axe
Vending Machine

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